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  • Custom Sensors and Assemblies for Aerospace & Def

    Supplier: OSI Optoelectronics
    By incorporating extensive in-house environmental, functional, and reliability testing and screening capabilities, OSI Optoelectronics provides a cost effective solution to meet the challenging demands of defense and aerospace applications. We have developed impressive partnerships with many of the world’s most recognized defense and aerospace companies for over 40 years. Ou...
  • Ceramic Microwave Packaging and Design

    Supplier: Advanced Technical Ceramics Company
    AdTech Ceramics' experienced employee base has a 100+ year legacy of ceramic expertise, including material science, engineering, design, tooling and manufacturing of multilayer ceramics, as well as chemically milled metal components and injection molded products.

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    All Shore Industries - To be competitive in today's global economy requires the ability to develop new products in a timely manner along with the ability to produce those products economically.
  • Full Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Assembly

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    All Shore Industries offers high quality, cost-efficient Asian mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly with U.S. engineering support. Domestic engineers assist in the design and development phase while fabrication, finishing, and assembly services are performed in Asia.
  • Secure Low Cost Offshore Manufacturing

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    Now You Can Have the Best of Both World's... Low Cost Offshore Manufacturing with Domestic Program Management and Security
  • US Product Development Teamed with Asian Mfg

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    All Shore's US based engineers and designers can take your design concept and prepare a full production ready manufacturing package. Our low cost, high quality facilities in Asia will then produce any required tooling and manufacture your complete product per your schedule. Electronic, mechanical, and electro-mechanical products can all be produced by the All Shore team.
  • Control Electronic Solutions for Aerospace/Defense

    Supplier: CEF Industries LLC
    For over 40+ years, CEF has been designing, manufacturing and testing a broad range of superior control electronic solutions for aerospace and defense applications. Our aptitude ranges from simple design and interface of motors, sensors, and load cells to complex, multi-channel closed-loop designs.
  • Custom Cable Assemblies

    Supplier: Cooner Wire Company
    More than just cable and connectors… 30 years of pacesetting experience has positioned Cooner Wire Interconnect Division as the premier manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses and molded interconnect cables.
  • Custom Hermetic Microwave Packaging

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    Precision machined, solder-free microwave packages protect sensetive electronics in the harshest environments
  • Ready for Something Different?

    Supplier: RiverSide Electronics, Ltd.
    Whether you are looking for a partial or complete solution to your electronic, electromechanical needs...the network of RiverSide Electronics gives you access to diverse capabilities, extensive experience, world-class quality, and exceptional performance. If you are looking for the competitive advantage...look to us. Watch our video below for more detail on RiverSide Electronics c...