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  • Flexible Printed Circuit board (FPC)

    Supplier: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Flexible printed circuits can be constructed to suit general electrical component interconnect needs or can be custom constructed to suit your specific product needs. Tortai Technologies has the flexible circuit construction capabilities you require and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we exceed your expectation.
  • Membrane keyboards

    Supplier: OKW Enclosures, Inc.
    membrane keyboards with/without metal domes for tactile response with/without integrated LEDs various key forms and types of embossing flexible connection systems with/without EMC shielding individually printed combination of display and touch elements
  • Tailored Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

    Supplier: Logic PD
    Logic PD is the contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company of choice for the most trusted technology brands in the world.
  • Printed Circuit Boards Fabrication

    Supplier: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    From a complex multi-layer board to a double sided surface mount design, our goal is to provide you a quality product that meets your requirements and is the most cost effective to manufacture. Our experience in IPC class III standards, very stringent cleanliness requirements, heavy copper, and production tolerances allow us to provide our customers exactly what they need.
  • Silicone Rubber Keypads

    Supplier: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Tortai Technologies designs and manufactures all types and configurations of silicone rubber keypads for a wide range of industries and applications. For both large and small customers we provide engineering and design assistance to make sure that your keypads exceeds all of your specifications.
  • Membrane Keypad Switches Assemblies

    Supplier: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Tortai Technologies has been a leading membrane switch manufacturer for more than 10 years. Despite advances in other technologies, membrane switches are still consistently utilized as user interfaces for a plethora of applications, from industrial machinery to medical devices to agricultural equipment. A key factor in the staying power of membrane switches is the ever-increasing...
  • Printed Cicrcuit Boards Assembly (PCBA)

    Supplier: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Tortai Technologies is contract electronics manufacturer operating in South China, specializes in PCB assembly of surface mount technology or mixed technology applications, including testing and conformal coating requirements We can supply all your printed circuit board assembly needs in our professional and quality environment We’re in our first decade of providing our...
  • Box Build Assembly Services

    Supplier: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES Tortai Technologies has been manufacturing complete systems since its formation in 2007, and has substantial experience in supplying full box build assembled, tested and commissioned finished products. Enclosures Cable Assemblies Sub-assemblies Low Cost Sourcing
  • Hi-Rel Preforms Help You Keep it all Together

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    The Hermetic Solution Group manufactures solder and braze preforms that provide an exceptional solution for attaching electronic circuitry and packaging electronic devices. They provide both good thermal and electrical conductivity as well as an interface for electronic connections.
  • Hi-Rel Getters Ensure Hermetic Reliability

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    The Hermetic Solution Group produces getters that ensure the long-term environmental stability within hermetic packages.