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Sensors and Transducers

  • Bulletin 42KD Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

    Supplier: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
    The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 42KD miniature photoelectric sensor is high-performing, reliable and easy to install in confined spaces. It is available in polarized retroreflective, and fixed or adjustable background suppression-sensing modes.
  • LIM158FS Logic SMD Photosensor

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    Light in Motion's LIM158FS consists of a silicon photodiode, a voltage regulator,and a linear amplifier with Schmitt trigger , connected to an open collector output transistor. It is encapsulated in low profile, small footprint package, with a visible light filter.
  • Hermetic Silicon Photodarlingtons

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    Light in Motion's L14F1 is a hermetically sealed silicon photodarlington packaged in a TO-18 metal can with a lens window.
  • Why Photoelectric Sensors Fit a Variety of Needs

    Supplier: Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.
    At Locon Sensor Systems, we specialize in providing different sensing technologies to best suit your unique application needs – a small space, high-temp, or difficult environmental conditions.
  • Compact Photoelectric Sensors

    Supplier: CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components
    Carlo Gavazzi is proud to announce the launch of a new range of Background Suppression (BGS) Photoelectric Sensors in their popular PA18 and PH18 housings. This allows for precise distance detection and a fine distinction between a target and its background, with the flexibility of an industry standard housing.
  • Custom Photoelectric & Proximity Sensors

    Supplier: Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.
    Locon Sensor Systems has been in the business of modifying standard units and designing new sensors from the ground up for nearly twenty years. We can customize photoelectric sensors, capacitive and inductive proximity sensors.
  • Controlling atmospheric conditions

    Supplier: Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division
    IST’s thin film platinum and nickel temperature sensors are ideal for heat meter monitoring and control applications in HVAC because of their high resolution and long term accuracy.
  • New System Level Integration Services

    Supplier: Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division
    Do you have a challenging application? Innovative Sensor Technology's highly qualified technical teams can offer you consulting, development, and production assistance for your project. Our application development department can act as an interface between your application and our sensor components. This is especially valuable in working with our more complex flow, humidity, and conducti...
  • 1.5uA Hi-speed TMR Switch with 2 Gauss Sensitivity

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    TMR magnetic switches from MultiDimension Technology (MDT) feature ultra-high sensitivity at 2 Gauss and ultra-low power consumption at 1.5μA with 1kHz frequency response. They are designed for power-critical and performance-demandin g sensor applications, including flow meters, speed sensors, proximity switches, security switches, and portable medical devices.
  • Temperature Switch with Selectable Hysteresis

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    Microchip Technology’s MCP9501/2/3/4 family of devices are temperature switches with ±1°C (typical) accurate factory set output thresholds. These devices are ideal for high power supply systems where an overtemperature protection circuit is needed.