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Sensors and Transducers

  • Digital Ambient Light and UV Energy Sensor

    Supplier: Integrated Device Technology
    The ZOPT2201 Sensor integrates an ambient light sensor (ALS) and ultraviolet energy sensor (UVS). The device can be connected via an I2C interface to an external microcontroller. Other I2C or SMBus devices can be connected to the same interface. The device has a programmable interrupt with hysteresis to respond to events and reduce the microcontroller tasks. A major application of the de...
  • PTC Thermistors - SNM

    Supplier: Thermik Corporation
    Thermik* thermistors are used for temperature monitoring and to prevent the overheating of OEM equipment and devices. All components include color coded lead wires and OEM leading
  • RS adds Measurement Specialties Sensor Range

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Following the acquisition of Measurement Specialties by TE Connectivity in 2014, RS Components has strengthened its sensor position with the addition of Measurement Specialties’ range to its portfolio.
  • New Biosensors from IST AG

    Supplier: Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division
    Reliable enzyme based amperometric Bio sensors provide excellent long term monitoring of living organisms. Enzymes are immobilized in a stack of four permeable polymeric membranes on top of a platinum micro electrode. Multi parametric measurement is provided for glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate, which play an important role in the metabolism of living organisms.
  • SNM PTC Thermistors

    Supplier: Thermik Corporation
    Thermik* thermistors are used for temperature monitoring. They are optimally designed for direct installation in the windings of electric motors and transformers. Likewise, Thermik thermistors, in their respective housings, prevent overheating of devices (electronic assemblies, heat sinks, etc.).
  • Bulletin 42KD Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

    Supplier: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
    The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 42KD miniature photoelectric sensor is high-performing, reliable and easy to install in confined spaces. It is available in polarized retroreflective, and fixed or adjustable background suppression-sensing modes.
  • LIM158FS Logic SMD Photosensor

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    Light in Motion's LIM158FS consists of a silicon photodiode, a voltage regulator,and a linear amplifier with Schmitt trigger , connected to an open collector output transistor. It is encapsulated in low profile, small footprint package, with a visible light filter.
  • Power Saving Opto-interrupter H21B3

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    Light in Motion's H21B3 Optointerrupter consists of a infrared light emitting diode coupled to a high gain NPN silicon photodarlington packaged in an injection molded housing.
  • Hermetic Silicon Photodarlingtons

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    Light in Motion's L14F1 is a hermetically sealed silicon photodarlington packaged in a TO-18 metal can with a lens window.
  • High Reliability Optical Interrupter 5mm Gap

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    5mm Gap / High Profile / High resolution / with locating pins from Light in Motion