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  • Wolfspeed C2M0045170D 1700V, 45mOhm SiC MOSFET

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    C2M00451700D SiC MOSFET is designed to support 1500V bus applications in topologies such as boost converters and auxiliary power supplies. Optimized for high-frequency power electronics applications, including renewable-energy inverters, battery charging systems, and three-phase industrial power supplies, the new 1700-V platform enables smaller and higher-efficiency next-generation power...
  • New Long-Life SMD Capacitor Series Upgrade

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Illinois Capacitor ATB Series features Low-Impedance, Long-Life up to 5,000 hours
  • New Magnetic Components Adapt to Harshest Environments

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Exxelia Temex Capacitors Feature Ultra-Low ESR, High RF Power and High Self-Resonant Frequency
  • Capacitors Demonstrate Increased Volumetric Efficiency

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    Vishay T59 Series vPolyTan Polymer Capacitors Offer Low ESR, High Energy Polymer Capacitors in MAP Package
  • Cast Resin Transformers - On Demand Webinar

    Supplier: Jinpan International USA Limited
    When it comes time to select a transformer for industrial applications, there are many choices. Cast resin dry type transformers offer a variety of advantages when environmental conditions are severe, duty and long-term operation is critical, and maintenance is minimal. Webinar attendees will learn the difference between the types, and the features & benefits.
  • CoolSiCâ„¢ Schottky diode 650 V G6

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Leveraging all advantages of SiC over silicon, improved efficiency and price performance
  • BMOD0189P051B2A Maxwell 51V Ultracapacitor Module

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    The BMOD0189P051B2A 51 V module is based on Maxwell’s leading 48 V module platform and includes the benefits of DuraBlue™ Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology, which combines Maxwell’s unique and patented dry electrode formulation and manufacturing process with a robust proprietary cell structure, resulting in a cell that meets or exceeds some of the most demanding s...
  • Capacitors for fast-switching GaN and SiC designs

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    Epcos CeraLinkTM capacitors are a highly compact solution for the snubber and DC links of fast switching converters based on SiC and GaN semiconductors. These new capacitors are based on a PLZT ceramic material (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate). In contrast to conventional ceramic capacitors, CeraLink capacitors have their maximum capacitance at the application voltage, and...
  • Wire Wound Chip Balun Wide Band Transformer ABT-8

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    FEATURES • Small size and low profile SMT package • Low insertion loss within working frequency range • 1:1 impedance ratio • Excellent solderability
  • SMD Multilayer Chip Bead ACML-0201

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    FEATURES • Internal silver printed layers and magnetically shielded to minimize crosstalk • Substantial EMI suppression over a wide frequency range • Excellent solderability and heat resistance