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  • LB-Series Digital AC Load Banks

    Supplier: Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
    The LB-Series AC Load Banks are designed for high power portable load testing of generators, UPS, and other critical AC power sources. Available models meet a range of voltages including but not limited to 208, 380, 440, and 480 VAC. Load power model options reach 1000 kW standard with other options available.
  • 600V CoolMOS CFD7

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Infineon’s answer for resonant high power topologies - high voltage superjunction MOSFET
  • TaNFilm® Flat Precision Resistor Array

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    TT Electronics’ TaNFilm® Small Outline Leadless Resistors networks are ideally suited for applications requiring precision, long term reliability and stability in a small area. Its monolithic construction eliminated vulnerable terminations such as solder connections. The SON package is ideal for the all surface mount production reflow techniques while still possessing all the u...
  • 15kV Diode in the Smallest Footprint Possible.

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    The SMF150 high voltage diode features 15kV reverse voltage in the smallest package available. Measuring just 0.450" l x 0.120" w x 0.130" h (11.43mm l x 3.048mm w x 3.302mm h), it delivers 10mA of forward current, and a reverse recovery time of 100ns, all in the smallest footprint possible..
  • New Blue Green Lasers For Life Science

    Supplier: World StarTechnologies
    World Star Technologies - Major breakthrough in direct green-blue laser technology has made tremendous impact particularly in the field of Life Sciences.
  • CoolMOS™ CE with ISO Standoff package

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Best price-performance superjunction MOSFET for consumer and lighting applications
  • EasyDUAL™ Halfbridge Topology with CoolSiC™ MOSFET

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Enables higher frequency operation for reduction in system cost and shrink
  • EconoPIM™3 150A/ 1200V three phase PIM IGBT module

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Integrates a rectifier bridge, a brake chopper and an inverter stage
  • Robust High Voltage Divider Resistors

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    Reliable and compact high voltage resistors are essential for a wide range of products from defibrillators to electrostatic paint spray equipment. TT Electronics has extensive expertise in this area and a wide range of products. TT Electronics’ RHVD Series features a voltage rating up to 15kV, a ratio tolerance down to 0.25%, and robust DIL terminations for vibration perform...
  • Current Sense Surface Mount Transformers

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    In addition to a range of standard packages, TT Electronics' power transformers are available as custom designs to provide the optimal solution to meet your specific requirements. Typical applications include: Flyback, Forward and other isolated controller topologies Precision current-sense transformers Gate-drive timing Renewable energy inv...