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  • Surface Mount Common Mode Choke

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    TT Electronics' product portfolio includes a variety of Common-mode and Differential-mode Chokes. These components are often used in automotive applications including: Electric Power Steering Telecommunication CAN Bus EMI modules Electric mobility charging and filtering TT Electronics’ HM86 series of RoHS compliant, sur...
  • Single-Turn Trimmer: Model 22

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    TT Electronics’ model 22 single-turn trimmer is available with J Hook (22A) and side adjustment (22S) style. The sealed, single turn trimmer is a 3 mm square with a standard resistance tolerance of ±20%. TT Electronics’ single-turn trimmers come in a variety of packaging and are suitable for applications in which the level of accuracy is not critical.
  • SMD Chip High Voltage Resistors

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    As pioneers and experts in thick film technology, TT Electronics has a long heritage in high voltage design. TT Electronics’ HVC resistors are ideally suited for handling by automatic methods due to their rectangular shape and the small dimensional tolerances. Electrical connection to a ceramic substrate or to a printed circuit board can be made by reflow or wave soldering of wrap-...
  • Wolfspeed C2M0045170D 1700V, 45mOhm SiC MOSFET

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    C2M00451700D SiC MOSFET is designed to support 1500V bus applications in topologies such as boost converters and auxiliary power supplies. Optimized for high-frequency power electronics applications, including renewable-energy inverters, battery charging systems, and three-phase industrial power supplies, the new 1700-V platform enables smaller and higher-efficiency next-generation power...
  • New Long-Life SMD Capacitor Series Upgrade

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Illinois Capacitor ATB Series features Low-Impedance, Long-Life up to 5,000 hours
  • New Magnetic Components Adapt to Harshest Environments

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Exxelia Temex Capacitors Feature Ultra-Low ESR, High RF Power and High Self-Resonant Frequency
  • Capacitors Demonstrate Increased Volumetric Efficiency

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    Vishay T59 Series vPolyTan Polymer Capacitors Offer Low ESR, High Energy Polymer Capacitors in MAP Package
  • Cast Resin Transformers - On Demand Webinar

    Supplier: Jinpan International USA Limited
    When it comes time to select a transformer for industrial applications, there are many choices. Cast resin dry type transformers offer a variety of advantages when environmental conditions are severe, duty and long-term operation is critical, and maintenance is minimal. Webinar attendees will learn the difference between the types, and the features & benefits.
  • CoolSiCâ„¢ Schottky diode 650 V G6

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Leveraging all advantages of SiC over silicon, improved efficiency and price performance
  • BMOD0189P051B2A Maxwell 51V Ultracapacitor Module

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    The BMOD0189P051B2A 51 V module is based on Maxwell’s leading 48 V module platform and includes the benefits of DuraBlue™ Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology, which combines Maxwell’s unique and patented dry electrode formulation and manufacturing process with a robust proprietary cell structure, resulting in a cell that meets or exceeds some of the most demanding s...