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  • Resistors for Medical Applications

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    The electronic content of devices for medical applications continues to rise steadily as medical science develops new techniques and electronic engineering supplies new solutions. At the same time, these devices are leaving the confines of hospitals and serving the growing community-based and home-based healthcare markets. Much of the development is based on the increasing computi...
  • NEW Common Mode Chokes for EPS Noise Suppression

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    TT Electronics launched the HA19 series of common mode chokes for use in electronic power steering (EPS) noise suppression applications. With high performance and AECQ-200 certification, the HA19 series devices are ‘automotive ready’ for the new generation of motor vehicles. The HA19 series is comprised of three parts with standard inductance values, ranging from 11 ...
  • Angle Sensor for Extreme Environments

    Supplier: Novotechnik U.S., Inc.
    Novotechnik U.S. introduces the P2500-M Series of multiple-section potentiometers provide redundancy for those applications requiring fail-safe angle measurement.
  • Vishay Hyperfast Recovery Rectifiers inSMPDPackage

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Vishay 10A to 30A FRED Pt® Rectifiers Reduce Switching Losses and Over-Dissipation in Automotive and Telecom Applications
  • VPG Military-Grade, Mission-Critical Resistors

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    VPG Foil Resistors new Model 303337 Ultra-High Precision Military- and Space-Grade Resistor One of the Most Precise and Stable
  • New DGH Supercapacitor has Massive Energy Storage

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    Illinois Capacitor 350-Farad DGH Series of Supercapacitors offers Low ESR with Extended Life
  • BK Precision 8624 4.5 kW DC Electronic Load

    Supplier: ValueTronics International, Inc.
    The BK Precision 8624 is a 600 A, 120 V, 4.5 kW DC Electronic Load. Form Factor: 6U CC/CV/CR/CW operating modes 16-bit voltage and current measurement system providing 1 mV / 0.1 mA resolution Transient mode up to 25 kHz in CC mode List mode function Store and recall up to 100 setups Adjustable slew rate in CC mode
  • Leading radar manufacturer has chosen EVANSCAPS

    Supplier: Evans Capacitor Company
    Evans Capacitor Company Awarded $2 Million Order to Power New Radar System
  • IR MOSFET™ 60 V/ 80 V/ 100 V logic level

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    New logic level MOSFETs for low VGS
  • Conduction Cooled Capacitors for Massive Current

    Supplier: Illinois Capacitor
    Illinois Capacitor Conduction Cooled Capacitors offer massive current handling capabilities for specialized applications.