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Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics

  • Back-Illuminated Silicon Photodiodes

    Supplier: OSI Optoelectronics
    BI-SMT Photodetector Series. The new single-channel, back-illuminated silicon photodiodes are specifically designed to minimize any “dead” areas on the edges of the devices. Each photodiode is designed on a square surface mount package with dimensions similar to the actual chip. This makes it possible to have multiple detectors arranged in a tiled pattern for easy coup...
  • Wave Division Multiplexers

    Supplier: S.I. Tech, Inc.
    Wave Division Multiplexers (WDM) combines 2 or more optical wavelength signals on the same fiber cable for transmission. WDMs are useful when there are a limited number of fibers available.
  • New Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs)

    Supplier: First Sensor AG
    Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) from First Sensor are innovative solid-state silicon detectors with single photon sensitivity. SiPMs are a valid alternative to photomultiplier tubes. The main benefits of these detectors are high gain, extremely good timing performance and low operating voltage.
  • Opto-couplers - Frequently Asked Questions

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    Opto-couplers are useful where electrical isolation is needed between system and control circuits, in the prevention of ground loops, or in high voltage switching applications. Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers Long term Gain Degradation Turn-On/Off Time Thermal Resistance ...
  • Integrate Streamlined Low-Light-Level Detection

    Supplier: Excelitas Technologies Corp.
    The New HeliX™ Silicon Avalanche Photodiode Module is a compact, user friendly, analogue instrument ideal for fluorescence & distributed temperature measurement, flow cytometry, confocal laser endomicroscopy, laser range finding, LIDAR and other low-light-level detection. Optimized for exceptional sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio across the 400–1100nm range.
  • 4.3 TFT Display 1000 nits luminance

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    ASI Displays' high brightness, high contrast 4.3" TFT is featured in it's list of TFT displays. The ASI-T-430FAKFN/A, with luminance of 1000 nits, featuring 12 white LEDs and a contrast ratio of 350:1. The ASI-T-430FAKFN/A features 480 (RGB) X 272 pixel resolution, providing a beautiful, crisp display.
  • LC Simplex F.O. Switch Ideal for Multiple Devices

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    The Model 6316 is a single Channel all fiber optic LC Simplex A/B manually operated Switch Switch to backup fiber optic data link, quickly and easily! Ideal for switching data to multiple displays, billboards, signs. Add flexibility to IT platforms and networks.
  • Discover High Voltage Optocouplers!

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    View a short video on how VMI's high voltage optocouplers work. Voltages range from 2.5kV to 50kV. The optocouplers come in a variety of package styles, and offer long-term gain stability, or high gain.
  • PR5001 Dual Photodiode w/Max Spectral Sensitivity

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    PREMA Semiconductor's Dual Photodiode PR5001 is a dual-element Si photodiode moulded into a small plastic leadless optical package. The photodiodes offer a very good symmetry, low dark current and high sensitivity.
  • ADuM3151 SPIsolatorâ„¢ Digital Isolators

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Mouser Electronics, Inc., the global authorized distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the ADuM3151 SPIsolator Digital Isolator from Analog Devices. This new isolator optimizes isolation of serial peripheral interface (SPI) transmissions for higher speeds, while provide additional low speed channels for control and status monitoring function...