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Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics

  • Long-life, Low-Power, RGB/RGY Compact LEDs

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Kingbright RGB/RGY Compact LEDs feature low power consumption and uniform light output with long-life, solid-state reliability. Available in a variety of packages including surface mount, through hole and right angle SMD chip lamps, these LEDs are ideal for backlight, indicator, smart home and healthcare applications.
  • High-Reliability Optically Coupled Isolator

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    TT Electronics offers a choice of hermetically sealed TO-78 packages or surface mountable SMD/LCC packages for their high-reliability JAN optoisolators. Each isolator consists of an infrared emitting diode and a NPN silicon phototransistor, which are mounted in a hermetically sealed TO-78/SMD package. They feature a high current transfer ratio and 1kV electrical isolation as standard. Th...
  • Ultra-Compact Low Profile 2-Color Chip LEDs

    Supplier: ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC
    Ultra-Compact Low Profile 2-Color Chip LEDs Industry-small form factor contributes to thinner, more vibrant displays in industrial and consumer devices
  • Miniature Ceramic Optocoupler for Hybrid Assembly

    Supplier: Isobaud, Inc.
    Isobaud's hybrid optocoupler family consists of a detector optically coupled to an AlGaAs infrared-emitting diode in a 6-pin miniature surface mount package.
  • High Voltage / High Speed Optoisolator

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    The OPI1268S is a high voltage isolator with a digital output that is capable of high speed data transmission. The input of the OPI1268 consists of a high-efficiency GaAlAs LED with a peak wavelength of 850 nm, which is optically coupled to the output optical IC. A Photologic® device in the output IC detects the incoming modulated light and converts it to a proportionate current. Thi...
  • Hermetic Surface Mount Optocouplers

    Supplier: Isobaud, Inc.
    Isobaud offers hermetic surface mount optocouplers, in 4-pin and 6-pin LCC packages. Radiation tolerant options are available.
  • New Yorker Electronics Releases Rugged LED Assemblies

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Wilbrecht LEDCO 14mm Panel Mount LED CL Series is Shock & Vibration Resistant
  • Radiation Tolerant Infrared Emitter

    Supplier: Isobaud, Inc.
    Isobaud's radiation tolerant infrared emitters consist of AlGaAs 824nm infrared LED mounted in a hermetic TO-46 package.
  • Hermetic Linear Optocoupler

    Supplier: Isobaud, Inc.
    Isobaud's IBH7000 consists of input LED optically coupled to two PIN photodiode detectors in a hermetic 8-pin DIP package. The input side photodiode allows an external feedback loop to ensure constant LED light output. A matched output photodiode drives an output circuit electrically isolated from the input.
  • 5.5 TFT module; IPS technology

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    ASI Displays is featuring a 5.5" TFT module with IPS technology. ASI-T-550WPA4MN/D, with MIPI; perfect for high speed communication. Luminance of 400 Nits; contrast ratio of 800:1, operating temperature of -20 to + 70. This design offers IPS technology for “all view” angles of 80/80/80/80; supporting both landscape (1920 x 1080 pixels) or...