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Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics

  • ACULED Design Your Own Chip-On-Board LED Solution

    Supplier: Excelitas Technologies Corp.
    The Excelitas ACULED "Design-Your-Own" (DYO) solution offers a 4-chip package which is die customizable to your specific requirements. The package contains four separately addressable LED die/chip locations enabling improved color mixing (340nm-1050nm), white tunability, custom wavelength selection, and higher output power.
  • X-Ray Photodiode Array

    Supplier: Excelitas Technologies Corp.
    These photodiode arrays are used to generate an X-ray image by scanning an object line by line. The X-rays are converted into light through the attached scintillator crystal.
  • Photodiodes & Phototransistors

    Supplier: Excelitas Technologies Corp.
    Excelitas utilizes Silicon and InGaAs materials for their photodiodes to provide detection from 220 nm to 1700 nm. These devices are offered in a variety of sizes to meet customer sensitivity and speed requirements. Phototransistors are examples of photodiode-amplifier combinations integrated within a single silicon chip
  • LED Lens Caps & Spacer Mounts

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Keystone offers Colored LED Lens Caps and Self-Retaining / Self-Aligning Spacer Mounts designed for use with T-1 or T-1 3/4 LEDs
  • 2.2” TFT Transflective LCD Modules

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    The 2.2" TFT Transflective LCD is simply another great example of ASI's dedication to expand its sunlight viewable TFTs. It features a 240 x 320 resolution. A Transflective display viewable in direct sunlight.
  • ECL to Fiber Optic Modems

    Supplier: S.I. Tech, Inc.
    S.I. Tech has developed an Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL) to Fiber Optic Modem for ECL system applications. This enables data to be transmitted farther, reduces EMI/RFI interference, and provides for secure communications.
  • Si Dual Photo Diode

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    A dual photo diode for the near infrared range with minimum footprint. An active area of two times 0.75mmx1.2mm is packaged in a small clear DFN package with a size of only 1.8mmx2.9mm.
  • New Video/Audio/Data to Fiber Modem

    Supplier: S.I. Tech, Inc.
    S.I. Tech has introduced a new Video/Audio/Data to Fiber Optic Bit-Driver®, Model 2829. The product is designed for CCTV Security Systems, Medical Hospitals, Large Complexes, Training Rooms, Homeland Security, Border Security, and many other applications where high quality (digital video imaging), two way communication, and Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera control is required.
  • Gigabit SC Fiber Optic A/B/C/D Switch/Converter

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    QuickSwitch M4199 Gigabit Fiber Optic A/B/C/D Switch/Converter SC Multimode, all optical switch is designed with F.O. mirror technology. The signal is received by the unit as an optical signal over the fiber strand, is redirected by mirror mechanisms, and leaves the unit as an optical signal over a fiber strand (OOO).
  • Fiber Optic Multiplexers

    Supplier: S.I. Tech, Inc.
    S.I. Tech multiplexers combine several electrical signals to light, allowing data to be transmitted over fiber optic cabling. This enables data to be transmitted farther, reduces EMI/RFI interference, and provides for secure communications.