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Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics

  • MTP/MPO 12-Fiber Breakout Cables Rigorously Tested

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    MTP 12-Fiber, Fanout, Multimode Available in All Lengths and Configurations!Utilizes 12-fiber MTP connector on one end & discrete connectors (LC, SC, FC, ST) on breakout end.Designed to save front-panel space & streamline fiber management. ♦ Advantages include 12 times density of SC connectors, compact size,...
  • SWIR LED Emitters 1050nm-1720nm

    Supplier: Marktech Optoelectronics
    Marktech is one of the premier optoelectronic manufacturers who offer an extensive line up of standard SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) LED emitters in a variety of packaging options. Products in this family range from 1050nm to 1720nm with operating currents from 20mA to 350mA and can be additionally sorted for specific wavelength or power requirements.
  • M6281 Ideal for Optical Signal Switch&Routing Apps

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    Utilizes MEMS-based mirror/prism technology supports Gigabit data rates. The switch ports are transparent to all data. Simultaneous control of both channels.
  • 740nm and 770nm Infrared SMD Emitters

    Supplier: Marktech Optoelectronics
    Marktech Optoelectronics expands it’s line up of surface mount infrared LED Emitters by introducing the MTSM0074 series emitters. Standard products include wavelengths of 740nm and 770nm.
  • 3-Chn'l SC Duplex A/B/OFFLINE Fiber Switch Remote

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    The Model 6256 allows the sharing of one SC Duplex device among 2 others, with a secure OFFLINE position, for each of its three channels. Individual Control for each Channel Accepts Contact Closure switch commands for Remote Control Supports Gigabit data rates!
  • All Fiber Optic LC Duplex 8-Pos Switch w/RS232

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    The QuickSwitch® 6262 is a single channel LC Duplex 8-to-1 Switch with RS232 Remote that allows the user to share a single port interface device among eight other devices. ♦ Optical data throughput scalability. ♦ MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology supports Gigabit data rates.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Buying Guide

    Supplier: Tripp Lite
    Connect a blazing-fast network over long distances What is a fiber optic cable and how does it work?
  • HCC100x Series Radiation Tolerant Optocoupler

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    TT Electronics' HCC100x series of radiation tolerant optocouplers are ideal for the isolation of electrical circuits within high-radiation deep spaceflight applications, including satellites, launch vehicles, space craft, and planetary rovers. The HCC100x optocouplers use a light sensitive interface to offer high-reliability electrical isolation between input and output circuits....
  • Precision Fiber Optic Components

    Supplier: Precipart
    The field of optics relies heavily on precision components for repeatability and system redundancy to prevent failure. Precipart manufactures components in a variety of materials for fiber optic connectors, ferrules, connector and contact pins, shafts, socket bodies, electrodes, switch and relay parts, terminals and housings.
  • IT-L7-04096 4K Trilinear RGB CMOS Image Sensor

    Supplier: Teledyne DALSA
    The IT-L7-04096 trilinear sensor is a high performance, digital, RGB line scan CMOS image sensor. The sensor has three individual lines for independent red, blue, and green channels. Each colour has its own exposure control making it easier to perform white calibration.