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  • Reinforced Thermal Interface Thin Film

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Sarcon® 20GAR from Fujipoly® is a high-performance, glass fabric reinforced thermal interface material that is perfect for complex die-cut shapes. It delivers a thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m•K while exhibiting a thermal resistance of only .17°C•in2/W.
  • Polyether-based silane-terminated polymer

    Supplier: Wacker Chemical Corp.
    GENIOSIL® WP1 is a polyether-based silane-terminated polymer suitable as binder in moisture curing formulations. It is a clear liquid with a slight but characteristic odor and differs to conventional silylated polymers due to its high reactivity. This is a direct consequence of the structural proximity of the nitrogen atom to the silicon atom in the dimethoxy(methyl)sil y...
  • New thermal interface material

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Fujipoly® introduces a new thermal interface material that also absorbs a wide range of unwanted electromagnetic energy. The tacky, gel-like consistency of Sarcon® EGR-11F makes it easy to handle and apply without requiring additional adhesive. When placed on top of a heat source such as an IC chip, the compliant material fills any unwanted air gaps allowing for more efficient tr...
  • Tackle Baked-On Carbon and Brighten Metal

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    Ultrasonic washing, abrasive blasting and other techniques that remove baked-on carbon from automotive or industrial parts composed of steel alloys are not applicable typically to aluminum parts
  • Epoxy for Die Attach Applications

    Supplier: Master Bond, Inc.
    Formulated for die attach applications, Master Bond EP17HTDA-1 is a one component epoxy that can also be used for bonding and sealing.
  • Insulate & Protect Your Electrical Assemblies

    Supplier: R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.
    Insulate & Protect Your Electrical Assemblies with 3M Scotchcast Liquid Electrical Resin. Designed to keep your electronic components protected from moisture, impact, and temperature hazards. *For a limited time only get a FREE glove bonus. Simply add any pair of 3M Comfort Grip Gloves to your order and it will automatically adjust to include the gloves for FREE. (Limit on...
  • Fluon compounds for color-coded wire insulation

    Supplier: AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.
    Fluon melt processable compounds are ideal for color-coded wire insulation, tubing & molded parts.
  • Interface material for heat sink applications

    Supplier: Wacker Chemical Corp.
    Special features - Gap filler, thermal conductivity 2.3 W/mK - Two-part, RT curing - Constant properties from –50 °C to +180 °C - Low stress, soft and tacky - D4-D8 < 350ppm - Low abrasive Application Interface material for heat sink applications for the electronics industry
  • ALPHA® OM-550 Low Temperature Solder Paste

    Supplier: Alpha Assembly Solutions
    Non-Eutectic, Low Temperature, Pin Testable, Solder Paste for Motherboard Assemblies with High Warpage Chips
  • Resources for Building Batteries

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    As electronic devices become smaller and more portable, the batteries within these devices must do the same.