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  • Ceramic Packages for Photonics

    Supplier: Advanced Technical Ceramics Company
    AdTech Ceramics has an experienced employee base with a manufacturing capability for multilayer co-fired electronic packages. Our available products include custom Optical ceramic PCB Packages.
  • Solder...high reliability SACM™

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation's - new SACM™ is a high-reliability solder alloy that offers drop shock performance far superior to other SAC alloys, without compromising on thermal cycling – all at a cost below that of typical SAC solder alloys
  • Solder Paste - Remarkable New Product

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation - Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste is a versatile, halogen-free, Pb-free, solder paste with leading print performance on miniaturized components. Assemblers and OEMs are adopting this remarkable new product at an accelerating pace.
  • Low Temperature Brazing Flux - Handy Flux

    Supplier: Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions
    Lucas Milhaupt Handy Flux has been an industry favorite for over 80 years. It is a family of fluxing products for virtually all your metal joining requirements. Formulations exist for general-purpose applications as well as specialty products.
  • NanoFoil®... Instantaneous Heat Source

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation - NanoFoil® is an instantaneous heat source applicable to a variety of applications in many industries (semiconductor, aerospace, automobile, electronics, biomedical and defense markets). NanoFoil® is a predictable, controllable and affordable material that is industry accepted and proven to lower manufacturing costs SE...
  • Joining Solutions for the Appliance Industry

    Supplier: Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions
    Lucas Milhaupt has been providing joining solutions to the appliance industry for decades. As the leader in brazing solutions, we have supplied solutions for air conditioners, evaporators, condensers, compressors, valves & controls, refrigerators & freezers, and ice machines all over the world.
  • Leak Tight Joints for Transportation Market

    Supplier: Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions
    In today's volatile and competitive market it is essential for transportation companies to work with suppliers that will provide cutting-edge technologies at a fair market price. Lucas Milhaupt offers decades of experience in applying innovative products and services to the market.
  • Heat Sealable Polyimide Films

    Supplier: Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions
    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Introduces Fluorowrap FH–FEP/Polyimide Composites
  • Try it Once, You'll Use it Forever.

    Supplier: Competition Chemicals, Inc.
    Simichrome is designed to polish without scratching any ferrous or non-ferrous metal
  • Best Metallization For Your Application

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation - Since the NanoBond®process is almost instantaneous, fluxes are not used. (They just don’t have enough time to heat up to their activation temperature and remove oxides.) So, because this is a fluxless soldering application, surface choice and preparation become very important. Read this article in the series on Nanofoil® thin...