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    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    Liquid cleaner/rust inhibitor designed for high-pressure spray applications. This versatile cleaner is very low foaming, oil splitting and suitable for all metals. M-HP-2 also meets a variety of specifications including MIL-C-29602.
  • ARMAKLEEN™ Paint & Ink Remover

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    A patent pending non-hazardous, low VOC and low vapor pressure cleaner designed to remove a variety of paints, inks, varnishes, adhesives and other coatings from many types of surfaces. Can be used in most types of cleaning equipment, including agitated immersion, spray-under immersion, ultrasonic, and enclosed spray cabinets.
  • ARMAKLEEN™ 4 in 1 Cleaner- Multipurpose!

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    A concentrated, multi-application, multi-machine cleaning product. It was designed to work in manual parts washers, ultrasonic washers, spray washers and immersion washers. It can be used from 65°F to 180°F.
  • ALPHA® Liquid Soldering Flux

    Supplier: Alpha Assembly Solutions
    No-clean, water soluble, low VOC, halogen-free fluxes meet the challenges of both tin-lead and lead-free processes.
  • Alpha® Solder Pastes

    Supplier: Alpha Assembly Solutions
    Alpha® offers a full line of technologically advanced solder pastes developed to provide high throughput and yield, and lowest cost of ownership for a wide range of applications.
  • Toughened, High Performance Encapsulation Compound

    Supplier: Master Bond, Inc.
    Featuring a low viscosity, EP38CL is an optically clear two component epoxy that is used for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation in optical, aerospace, opto-electronic and specialty OEM applications. It possesses superior impact resistance, thermal cycling capabilities as well as the ability to withstand mechanical shock better than typical epoxies that are higher on the Shore D...
  • Protect Electronics in Severe Environments

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    Silicones are particularly useful in providing protection to electronics and electrical devices. For the most severe environments, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends Dow Corning EE-1010.
  • HydroFlex® XL For Heavy Duty Cleaning

    Supplier: Church & Dwight, Inc. Specialty Products Division
    HydroFlex® XL Heavy duty cleaning, carbon, grease and oil removal, animal, vegetable or petrochemical
  • Dissipate Damaging Heat Effectively

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    As electronic devices become smaller, stronger and faster, the need for greater thermal management within these devices has increased exponentially. Ellsworth Adhesives provides a variety of thermally and electronically conductive materials for electronics assembly from Henkel.
  • Bus Bars for Heater Elements

    Supplier: Abrisa Technologies
    Abrisa Technologies is a vertically integrated manufacturer of heater elements and advanced display cover glass with EMI filtering. Value-add capabilities now include ultrasonic soldering of wire leads to screen printed and thin film deposited bus bars on index-matched indium tin oxide (IMITO) and anti-reflective (AR) coated glass.