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  • Insulation Solutions for Motors and Motor Repair

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    Solid Insulation Solutions for Motors and Motor Repair ELAN-FilmTM HT-180
  • Has your Flexible Electrical Insulating evolved?

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    Technology has changed our world,. How has your Flexible Electrical Insulating evolved?
  • Economical Thermal Interface Material

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Sarcon® GR14A-50GY from Fujipoly® is a low-cost general purpose thermal interface material that is offered in sheets or custom shapes to fit your exact application.
  • CONASHIELD™ Electrical Insulation - A True Balance of Properties

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    CONASHIELD™ is a “hybrid” insulation solution for protecting all your electronic components. Its performance is comparable to standard potting systems with a 30% to 60% reduction in weight, and it has better electronic insulation and vibration dampening properties than traditional conformal coating systems.
  • A Greener Way to Get Your Parts Clean

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    Bio24 Offers a Greener Way to Get Your Parts Clean As trichloroethylene and other solvents come under increased scrutiny for their health and environmental impacts, solvent users are left seeking more sustainable operating alternatives. In response, the use of toxic solvents to clean contaminants from metal parts has given way to aqueous-based options
  • The Hidden Truth About Shop Towels

    Supplier: R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.
    Hiring a laundered towels service could introduce contamination into your facility, processes, our routines! Hire Wypall - the #1 brand in disposable wipers in North America. Request your...
  • Exceeds the abrasion resistance of steel.

    Supplier: DeWAL
    Application examples include inner and outer surfaces for potable water, chemical, fuel and hydraulic hoses, bottom surfaces for skis and snow boards as well as linings for chutes to decrease friction and wear. UHMW polyethylene film is additionally used in automotive weather stripping.
  • Unsintered PTFE Film for Wire and Cable Insulation

    Supplier: DeWAL
    DeWAL DW 203 Unsintered PTFE is designed for use in wire and cable as electrical insulation. The material is particularly well suited for cable insulation, harness wrap and as the dielectric medium in coaxial lines. It provides many of the features inherent in ordinary sintered PTFE with the addition of markedly enhanced drape-conforming characteristics and improved sealing properties.
  • Reinforced Thermal Interface Thin Film

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Sarcon® 20GAR from Fujipoly® is a high-performance, glass fabric reinforced thermal interface material that is perfect for complex die-cut shapes. It delivers a thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m•K while exhibiting a thermal resistance of only .17°C•in2/W.
  • Polyether-based silane-terminated polymer

    Supplier: Wacker Chemical Corp.
    GENIOSIL® WP1 is a polyether-based silane-terminated polymer suitable as binder in moisture curing formulations. It is a clear liquid with a slight but characteristic odor and differs to conventional silylated polymers due to its high reactivity. This is a direct consequence of the structural proximity of the nitrogen atom to the silicon atom in the dimethoxy(methyl)sil y...