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  • 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Clip

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Low profile, thru-hole PC Battery Clip from Keystone for Lithium-Ion cells from 17-19mm diameters. Cat. No. 54 holds the 3.7 Volt rechargeable batteries and will also accommodate A, 2/3A, 17335, 17450, 17500, 17650, 18500 and 18650 size cells. Engineered to withstand the rigorous use associated with recharging cycles. A unique 3 legged, thru hole design gives the clip extra strength and...
  • 18650 LI ION Battery Holder, BK-18650-PC6

    Supplier: Memory Protection Devices, Inc.
    This battery holder houses three 3.7 volt Lithium Ion 18650 rechargeable batteries. The part number for the holder is BK-18650-PC6 and it was designed for use in consumer, industrial and communication products where durability is of paramount importance.
  • Coin Cell SMT Retainers for 6or3 volt applications

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Keystone's Insulated low profile, surface mount Coin Cell Retainers allows user to stack two 20mm cells on top of each other to achieve 6 volts of power from the same board footprint or use a single cell for 3 volt applications.
  • 18650 LI-ION Battery Holders

    Supplier: Memory Protection Devices, Inc.
    MPD introduces a line of Lithium Ion battery holders for 18650 protected cells. Featuring stainless steel power contacts and a body that's light in weight combined with high strength. Packs hold from one to four 3.7 volt batteries and are suitable for consumer or industrial products.
  • Fuse Holders and Fuse Carriers

    Supplier: Interpower
    Interpower offers fuse holders and fuse carriers to accommodate both the international and North American fuses. Just a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products, same day shipping for in-stock Interpower products, and no minimum order requirements.

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    High reliability and compact PC Auto Blade Fuse Holder from Keystone, uniquely designed to accept standard and low profile "mini-size fuses" and hold them in place after multiple insertions
  • Condensate Protection with Top Mount Cooling

    Supplier: Pfannenberg
    The DTT Series Top Mount Cooling Units provide complete protection from condensate and provide the convenience of a small size. They can be installed and serviced without machine down time. 3 Sizes with 6 performance levels for a wide range of uses.
  • HAA08/HAA14 Multi-Function Mini Timer

    Supplier: CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components
    Carlo Gavazzi is proud to launch the HAA08 (2-pole) and HAA14, (4-pole) multi-function Mini-Timers. These innovative 21.5 x 28mm timers feature a 24-240VAC/DC universal power supply and are mounted in a DIN-rail adaptable blade-type relay socket. They are easy to use and provide impressive load capability (up to 8 amps), and offer valuable space and cost savings.
  • Filter Fans & Exhaust Filters

    Supplier: Ralston Metal Products Limited
    Ralston Metal Products - Cool industrial enclosures, ensuring enclosed equipment does not overheat. FACTORY DIRECT SALES Indoor & increased protection units available Available in 115V and 230V Quick change filter design Easy change air-flow direction Quick connect electrical Click-in system for easy installati...
  • DC Blower 97mm x 33mm with 22 CFM

    Supplier: Pelonis Technologies, Inc.
    Pelonis Technologies' RB9733 Compact Blower Series provides effective cooling where enclosure space is limited and combines high cooling efficiency, low noise, and long life, in a compact design. Offered in various voltages in cluding 12V/24V/48V