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Electromechanical Components

  • New Plastic Battery Holders with PCB Connectors

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    New selection of Keystone’s popular plastic battery holders now includes the option to have holders with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6” wires for simplified installations.
  • Universal Timers

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Available types: Universal Digital Multi-Timer, Universal Multi-Timer, Programmable Panel-Mount Digital Multi-Timer and Digital Time Switch.
  • Quality Safety Switches

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Altech sells Bernstein products in North America; they are renowned for the development of safety switches, sensors and enclosures. The focus of attention is protecting the operator through machine and process safety.
  • Advanced 120-mm EC Fan With Winglet-Style Blades

    Supplier: Rosenberg USA
    The new ETRI Model 125E EC axial cooling fan from Rosenberg is easier to specify, performs better and offers longer life than competitive products. Its advanced design makes it a perfect choice for VFD cooling, electronic cabinet cooling and small refrigeration applications.
  • Protective cover for filter fans,

    Supplier: STEGO, Inc.
    The hose-proof hood is designed to increase the protection class and serves as a protective cover for filter fans, intake and exit filters, e.g. for the series FPI 018, FPO 018 and FF 018. It is used for protection against water projected by a hose and extreme climatic influences if located outdoors or in industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions.

    Supplier: STEGO, Inc.
    In its DC version our Filter Fan Plus FPI/FPO 018 with 24 V and 48 V are available in three sizes (dimensions 3.62x3.62" 4.88x4.88" and 6.93x6.93" ) for more air in your application. Also, its user-friendly ratchet mount mechanism allows mounting the Filter Fan Plus quickly and tool-free
  • Quality Pushbuttons - 22 and 30 mm

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Altech 22 and 30mm Push Buttons offer ideal cost-effective solutions for control circuits utilizing both direct and remote management applications.
  • LPI610 4-20mA Loop Powered Display

    Supplier: Define Instruments
    Accepts 4-20mA signal to display. Powered by the loop.
  • cell holder for battery

    Supplier: Ningbo Best Group Co., Ltd.
    cell battery holder for CR2032,CR2445.etc.
  • 5 and 10A rating for ambient temperatures up to 105°C

    Supplier: Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG
    GOODSKY offers the GQ miniature power relay, a 5 and 10A rating for ambient temperatures up to 105°C in a very small housing with a space consumption on the pcb of only 180mm².