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Analog and Digital ICs

  • QPA9501

    Supplier: Qorvo
    Key Features 5.1 - 5.9 GHz operational bandwidth Fully integrated PA module with power detector Internally matched Input/Output -47dBc ACLR at Pout = 22 dBm 32 dB gain Temperature compensated bias network Integrated TTL Logic compatible shutdown pins 3.3V - 5V supply range
  • QPB9318

    Supplier: Qorvo
    Key Features 2.3 - 2.7 GHz frequency range Integrates dual channels of a two-stage LNA with a high power switch Max RF input power: 10W Pavg (8 dB PAR) 1.3 dB noise figure (Rx mode) 31 dB gain (Rx mode) +34 dBm OIP3 (Rx mode) 0.6 dB insertion loss (Tx mode) Compact package size, 5x5 mm
  • Pin-for-Pin Replacements for Discontinued Micron

    Supplier: Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG
    Alliance Memory introduced two new 512Mb synchronous DRAMs (SDRAM) in the 54-pin TSOP II package. The AS4C32M16SB-7TCN and AS4C32M16SB-7TIN are available in commercial (0°C to +70°C) and industrial (-40°C to +85°C) temperature ranges.
  • Contactless Inductive Position Sensor Solutions

    Supplier: Integrated Device Technology
    IDT’s family of high-performance inductive position sensors offering superior reliability, flexibility and serviceability while cutting system costs. The ZMID520x sensors are automotive qualified to the AEC-Q100 standard and support implementation in safety-related systems compliant to ISO26262 up to ASIL-B.
  • Ultra-Low Power Real Time Clock Module

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    This device is designed to reduce the overall system power consumption with its innovative timing and power management features.
  • Automotive and Industrial Grade Crystals

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    These crystals are ideal to provide timing solutions in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications, such as GPS navigation system, display and audio system, instrument panel, industrial control, automation system, and applications where high reliability is a must.
  • ASTMUPC Series High Performance MEMS Oscillator

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    These devices offer excellent RMS phase jitter (0.6 ps typical @ 156.25 MHz, over the integration bandwidth of 12 kHz to 20 MHz). In addition, these devices are available with tight frequency stability down to +/-10 ppm max over -40° C to +85° C.
  • High Performance DC Coupled Log Amp

    Supplier: Anadyne
    This chip offers tremendous features and performance – challenging what you may think is possible. Consider the performance in all 5 important specs…… on ONE IC. And imagine what it can do in your design
  • RF Tech Insight: Intermodulation Noise

    Supplier: Anadyne
    This paper is concerned with a specific type of intermodulation noise where the noise around an RF carrier frequency is brought down into the video band when a square law detector is used. With CW immune systems, the DC component of a signal is subtracted leaving the additional noise to degrade the sensitivity of the circuit.
  • SkyOne® Ultra 2.5 Solutions for China LTE Market

    Supplier: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    Skyworks launches its newest SkyOne® front-end solution targeting the high growth China LTE market.