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Analog and Digital ICs

  • Single Photon Counting Modules (SPCM)

    Supplier: Excelitas Technologies Corp.
    Excelitas' SPCM products are built upon our SLiK™ Single Photon Avalanche Diode, and enhanced modules offer unmatched linearity and dynamic range. The SPCM-AQRH, with a fiber coupling option, and the new timing optimized SPCM-AQRH-TR delivers on the scientific community’s need for the highest-performing photon counting solutions.
  • Microchip and Digilent® Unveil PIC32based Cerebot™

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    Microchip and Digilent® Unveil PIC32-based Cerebot™ Development Boards With chipKIT™ Prototyping Capabilities Users Can Develop Wide Range of 32-bit Microcontroller Applications Using Arduino™ Compatible chipKIT MPIDE, or Microchip's MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB C Compiler
  • 40V Buck converter for Power LED's - PR4101

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    PR4101 is a buckdriver for up to 40V input voltage. Its versatility and its dimming input make it ideal for halogen lamp replacement and general lighting. PR4101 is offered in SO-08 and SO-14 package, as well as a smaller variant in a tiny SOT23-5L package. Versatility and high power are key features of these LED drivers, which can also be used as proven standard cells in an ASIC project.
  • High-Sensitivity TMR Magnetic Field Sensor MMLH45F

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    The MDT MMLH45F TMR linear sensor features very-high sensitivity at 12 mV/V/Oe, very-low power consumption at 12.5μW, wide operating field range at +/-50 Oe ...
  • Low-Power TMR Magnetic Field Sensor MMLP57H

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    The MMLP57H TMR linear sensor from MDT features ultra-low power consumption at 5μW, wide operting field range at +/-70 Oe, ultra-low hysteresis at 0.1%FS, high field sensitivity at 3 mV/V/Oe, and excellent thermal stability over -40°C - 125°C ...
  • PR2202 80V-High Voltage Operational Amplifier

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    The high voltage operational amplifier PR2202 works for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V and a maximum output current of ±6mA. The temperature increase of the component remains small in spite of the high voltages due to the low quiescent current of only 500µA.
  • High-Speed Low-Power TMR Magnetic Switch from MDT

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    TMR magnetic switch sensors from MDT are designed for smart flow meters, including water flow meters, heat flow meters, and gas flow meters. Featuring ultra-low power consumption at 1-5μA, ...
  • Absolute TTL Module (ATM)

    Supplier: Ametek Solartron Metrology
    TTL RS232 Differential Quadrature is one of the most commonly used methods of communication between Linear Displacement Transducers and Control or Data Acquisition systems.
  • Instruments for Orbit® 3 & Analogue Sensors

    Supplier: Ametek Solartron Metrology
    Digital Displays for analogue & digital sensors are available in a wide range allowing for simple to complex applications. All displays feature serial communication and digital I/O to allow PLC, PC and footswitches to operate the instruments.
  • PR4403 LED Driver for Solar Lamps

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    PR4403 drives and controls white LEDs out of one single battery charged by solar cells.