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Analog and Digital ICs

  • New 70 MIPS dsPIC33E DSCs and PIC24E MCUs

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    Microchip Expands 70 MIPS dsPIC33E DSCs and PIC24E MCUs With 32 KB to 256 KB Flash for Easy Memory Migration New Devices Have More Memory and Specialized Peripherals for Motor- Control and General-Purpose Applications with Op Amps, Temperature Sensing and Touch
  • Microchip Expands Serial SRAMs

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    Microchip Expands Serial SRAMs With Industry’s Largest and Fastest Devices at 1 Mbit Densities and 80 Mbps Speeds; First at 5V Operation Also Debuts Non-Volatile, Battery-Backed Serial SRAMs at Significantly Lower Cost Than Any Other Non-Volatile SRAM, FRAM or Parallel SRAM; Available in 8-pin Packages
  • Temperature Switch with Selectable Hysteresis

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    Microchip Technology’s MCP9501/2/3/4 family of devices are temperature switches with ±1°C (typical) accurate factory set output thresholds. These devices are ideal for high power supply systems where an overtemperature protection circuit is needed.
  • PIC24F: Low Power 16-bit MCUs

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    The PIC24F microcontroller family features cost effective, 16 MIPS 16-bit MCU performance and many devices with Microchip's eXtreme Low Power Technology.
  • Energy-Measurement Analog Front End (AFE) MCP3911

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    The MCP3911 is a 2.7V to 3.6V dual channel Analog Front End (AFE) containing two synchronous sampling Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC), two PGAs, phase delay compensation block, internal voltage reference, modulator output block, and highspeed 20 MHz SPI compatible serial interface.
  • SI 5500 - Digital Readout

    Supplier: Ametek Solartron Metrology
    This Solartron Metrology multi function Digital Readout can interface up to 31 Orbit® 3 Module and supports Digital probes, Linear Encoders and Encoder Input Modules. It gives the user the option to select data display formats and program metrology functions.
  • Single Photon Counting Modules (SPCM)

    Supplier: Excelitas Technologies Corp.
    Excelitas' SPCM products are built upon our SLiK™ Single Photon Avalanche Diode, and enhanced modules offer unmatched linearity and dynamic range. The SPCM-AQRH, with a fiber coupling option, and the new timing optimized SPCM-AQRH-TR delivers on the scientific community’s need for the highest-performing photon counting solutions.
  • Microchip and Digilent® Unveil PIC32based Cerebot™

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    Microchip and Digilent® Unveil PIC32-based Cerebot™ Development Boards With chipKIT™ Prototyping Capabilities Users Can Develop Wide Range of 32-bit Microcontroller Applications Using Arduino™ Compatible chipKIT MPIDE, or Microchip's MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB C Compiler
  • 40V Buck converter for Power LED's - PR4101

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    PR4101 is a buckdriver for up to 40V input voltage. Its versatility and its dimming input make it ideal for halogen lamp replacement and general lighting. PR4101 is offered in SO-08 and SO-14 package, as well as a smaller variant in a tiny SOT23-5L package. Versatility and high power are key features of these LED drivers, which can also be used as proven standard cells in an ASIC project.
  • PR2202 80V-High Voltage Operational Amplifier

    Supplier: PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
    The high voltage operational amplifier PR2202 works for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V and a maximum output current of ±6mA. The temperature increase of the component remains small in spite of the high voltages due to the low quiescent current of only 500µA.