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Analog and Digital ICs

  • DAC8740H

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    HART®, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™, and PROFIBUS PA-Compliant Modem With UART Interface
  • AMC1311

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    Precision Reinforced Isolated Amplifier for Voltage Sensing
  • CDCI6214

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    PCIe Gen4 Support Ultra-Low Power Clock Generator With Four Programmable Outputs and EEPROM
  • TLIN1029-Q1

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Transceiver With Dominant State Timeout
  • TLV7011

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    TLV70x1 Low-Voltage Comparators
  • TLV9061

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    Tiny but mighty: 10-MHz, RRIO, 1.8V to 5.5V op amp delivers high performance for challenging systems
  • TPS92830-Q1

    Supplier: Texas Instruments
    Automotive 3-Channel High-side High-Power Constant-Current Linear LED Driver
  • Enterprise Cloud Toolbox for AE-CLOUD1 Kit

    Supplier: Renesas Electronics Corporation
    Renesas’ Synergy™ Enterprise Cloud Toolbox Application Project, together with the Synergy AE-­CLOUD1 Kit, provides a reference design and starting point to connect in 10 minutes or less to enterprise clouds such as Microsoft Azure™, Amazon Web Services™, and Google Cloud Platform™.
  • Varactor-Tunable Gunn Oscillators – QTV

    Supplier: QuinStar Technology, Inc.
    QuinStar Technology's series QTV varactor-tunable Gunn oscillators cover the frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz in seven waveguide bands. These oscillators combine proprietary cavity design, abrupt or hyper-abrupt tuning varactor diodes and high performance Gunn diodes to produce power in the millimeter wave frequency range.
  • Ultra Low Noise 2-Stage Bypass Low Noise Amplifier

    Supplier: Qorvo
    0.45 - 3.8 GHz Ultra Low Noise 2-Stage Bypass Low Noise Amplifier Qorvo's QPL9065 is a high-linearity, ultra-low noise 2-stage gain block amplifier module with a bypass mode functionality integrated to the second stage in the product. At 1.95 GHz, the amplifier, under high gain mode, typically provides 37.5 dB gain, +35 dBm OIP3, and 0.5 dB noise figure while drawing 160 mA...