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Analog and Digital ICs

  • Direct Summing Junction for Dual LVA Circuits

    Supplier: Anadyne
    Direct Summing Junction for Dual LVA Circuits; Two or more L-17D's can be used in combination for even more dynamic range.
  • VersaClock 3S Programmable Clock Generator

    Supplier: Integrated Device Technology
    The IDT® 5L35023 and 5L35021 VersaClock® 3S programmable clock generators provide innovative power-saving features from a single-rail 1.8V power supply while eliminating the need for multiple discrete timing components, and reduce board footprint while saving up to 60% in power consumption versus comparable solutions. Like their predecessors, the new VersaCl...
  • Connect Any Transducer to this DRO

    Supplier: Hymark/Kentucky Gauge
    Lika's linear encoder provides highly accurate measuring with ultra reliable magneto-resistive technology. Packaged in a rugged IP67 rated housing, the SME series linear encoders are offered with resolutions down to 0.5 micron.
  • AB-RTCMK-32.768kHz

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    Real Time Clock Module with 32.768kHz TCXO Moisture Sensitivity Level: MSL=1
  • HC49/U Crystal

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    FEATURES: • High precision availability • Resistance welded • Ideal for large pullability application • Wide frequency range
  • High Performance Universal Frequency Translator

    Supplier: Integrated Device Technology
    The 8T49N240 is a highly-programmable clock generator and jitter attenuator IC featuring less than 200fs of phase noise, providing valuable system design margin for 10Gbps interfaces in wireline and wireless communication networks. The additional phase noise margin eases system design constraints, allowing engineers to minimize bit error rates (BER) while lowering overall system costs.
  • Compact Digital UV Sensor for Portable Applications

    Supplier: Electro Optical Components, Inc.
    Genicom has developed a compact digital UV sensor. The GaN sensor measures UV only, blocking visible light. This low cost, compact UV sensor comes in a tiny SMD COB package , great for portable applicaions.
  • Automotive Full HD LCD Video Processors

    Supplier: Intersil Corporation
    The TW8844 video processor with MIPI-CSI2 output and TW8845 video processor with BT.656 output exceed the requirements of the FMVSS-111 law, displaying live video with graphics overlay in less than 0.5 seconds after vehicle ignition. The TW884x provides a robust rear-camera architecture to overcome the fast boot reliability issues with today’s more complex center-stack systems.
  • ABX8X5 Real Time Clock Family

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    The ABX8XX Evaluation Kit provides all of the tools needed to assess the complete feature set in the ultra-low power AB08X5 and AB18X5 product families. The ABX8XX EVK is designed for easy integration via an I2C or SPI serial interface with microcontroller development kits or with custom boards.
  • ABM10AIG - Ceramic Base SMD Crystal

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    FEATURES: • PPAP ready and supported • TS16949 certified production lines • Ultra-miniature size and low profile package: 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.55mm • AEC-Q200 qualified • Hermetically sealed ceramic package assures high precision and reliability • Extended operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C