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  • Updated: Point/Counterpoint: Two Views on DNA Marking

    Arguments for and against the Defense Logistics Agency's mandate to use DNA marking on components using a solution from Applied DNA Sciences.

  • The Growing Appetite for Analytics

    Three driving forces are creating momentum for supply chain executives to start chasing the myriad of solutions being offered to tackle the "analytics" challenge.

  • The Cost of Escalating R&D

    The cost of design will continue to rise as the market's appetite for more complex and sophisticated electronics increases unabated—unless we do things differently.

  • Device Harvests Energy Wirelessly From Microwave Signals

    Duke University researchers have developed a unique device to harvest energy wirelessly from microwave signals, operating similarly to a solar panel, but with the ability to convert practically any type of signal to electrical energy.

  • Blackberry Faces More Uncertainty With Change in Management

    Struggling enterprise services provider and smartphone manufacturer Blackberry announced another change in management less than two years following the departure of long-time co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Basille.

  • Understanding Risks in the Supply Chain

    Supply chains are fraught with risk, from natural disasters to other risks that have even higher probability of occurrence and potentially equal or greater impacts.

  • The Internet of Things in the Smart Society

    Like PC computing in the 80s, Internet computing in the 90s and mobile computing in the early 2000s, the Internet of Things will be the driving factor behind semiconductor solution development in this decade.

  • Growth and Opportunity for Industrial PCs in the Medical Market?

    Medical represents a potentially high-growth market for industrial PCs, but will it bring the growth that industrial PC vendors are seeking?

  • A Bright Outlook for Wearable Technology and Remote Patient Monitoring

    The next wave of wearable computers will use increasingly efficient, low power displays, stretchable electronics and even energy harvesting to extend battery life as more functionality is incorporated into any given device.

  • Where Will Growth Come From for the PLC Market?

    The world market for programmable logic controllers was severely challenged in 2012 as it went through its first downturn since 2009. As a result, most major markets contracted. So where will the growth come from?

  • Does a solar panel really last 25 years?

    How confident are solar PV companies that their systems will last for 25 years? And how realistic are the assumptions they use to make that claim?

  • Compelling Pump Suppliers to Focus on Energy Savings

    Facing uncertainty over future energy-efficiency regulations, pump suppliers must strike a balance between touting energy efficiency and providing cost-effective solutions

  • Nanoelectronics for 2020 and Beyond

    Formed in 2000, the National Nanotechnology Initiative has five goals to transition the semiconductor industry to next-generation nanoelectronics. At stake is the competitiveness of the U.S. semiconductor industry.

  • Industrial Networking: Which Technology To Choose?

    As more industrial equipment is shipped with networking capabilities industrial OEMs must decide which technology to adopt: fieldbus or Ethernet. And what about adding wireless on factory floor?

  • Taking the “E” Out of EMS

    How can the global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry reverse its long-term decline in margins without raising prices? The answer may be as simple as dropping the “E” from the EMS moniker.

  • Shaping the Future with Super-Efficient Electric Motors

    Electric motors account for nearly 50 percent of our global energy consumption so designing more energy-efficient motors is or paramount importance. There are three paths developers are taking..

  • What We Learned from 3-D TV’s Early Market Failure

    A few years ago, 3-D TV came onto the market with the promise of transforming how people watch TV. It didn’t deliver. Will 4K TV meet the same fate?

  • On-shoring: More Chatter than Action

    After seeing labor rates in China le rise to more than $34 per hour, “re-shoring” or “on-shoring” some production “back home” has been receiving quite a bit of news coverage. But is it warranted?

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