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  • Solar Power Puts the Petal to the Metal

    Looking at solar energy as an alternative energy source but solar panels are just too ugly? The ultra-cute SmartFlower has 12 solar panel petals, and it’s plug-and-play.

  • Researchers Developed Faster, Longer-Lasting Batteries

    New battery prototype is an “all-solid-state” and has the potential to store more energy while maintaining high safety and reliability levels. Further, the battery is based on sodium, a cheap alternative to lithium.

  • Robots to Put Under the Christmas Tree

    Just in time for the holidays, a look at some of the robot toys out there. This is our article on fully assembled mechanical marvels -- stay tuned for a separate article on DIY robot kits.

  • Sager Electronics and RRC Power Solutions Sign Distribution Agreement

    The full offering of RRC Power Solutions smart lithium-ion batteries and chargers are now in stock at Sager Electronics.

  • How to Extend Your Drone's Battery Life

    Quadcopters typically have a battery life of about 15 to 30 minutes. There are a number of factors that impact battery life, primarily the battery type and energy density and the weight and efficiency of the aircraft.

  • Selecting the Best Power Source for Giant Robots

    Aside from research by NASA, who is investigating the feasibility of harnessing energy from antimatter reactions, powering a robot on the scale of science fictional characters like the Iron Giant or Voltron is nearly impossible. Doubling the size of the robot increases its weight tenfold and even the power requirements for today’s giant robot, a six-axis industrial robot with a massive reach of just over 15 feet, surpasses the capabilities of traditional power sources.

  • Understanding the Differences Between Consumer and Industrial Batteries

    Sometimes, it may not be obvious which type of battery is better. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely make sense when specifying batteries, so it is important to understand the fundamental differences between consumer and industrial batteries to determine the ideal power source. This rundown of battery attributes will help to clarify those differences.

  • Bright 'IdEA' for Better Batteries

    The development of a family of materials with the power to double the charge capacity of lithium-ion battery anodes is a breakthrough that could lead to cheaper, smaller and lighter batteries.

  • Prototype Pouch-Cell Battery with Pure Silicon Anode

    Pure silicon anode technology promises to increase the storage capacity of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries by 50 percent.

  • Further Steps Toward Safer Li-ion Batteries

    Liquid-state electrolytes are commonplace in lithium-ion batteries but inherently unstable. New research suggests a conductive, solid-state electrolyte solution.

  • Tiny Defects Make Batteries Better, Not Worse

    High-performance electrodes for lithium-ion batteries can be improved by paying closer attention to their defects and capitalizing on them.

  • New Microcontroller is a Complete Power Solution with Support or Rechargeable Batteries

    Mouser Electronics is now stocking the PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit that enabled designers to begin innovating with the PSoC 6 microcontroller from Cypress Semiconductor.

  • New Lithium-Ion Battery Is Safe and Robust

    A new Li-ion battery able to maintain mechanical integrity under adverse conditions has been developed as a follow-up to the recent announcement of an aqueous Li-ion battery based on salt-water chemistry.

  • New PMIC Extends Wearable Battery Life

    Mouser Electronics Inc. is now stocking the MAX77734 power management IC (PMIC) from Maxim Integrated.

  • Magnesium Mystery in Rechargeable Battery Performance Solved

    A research team at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, led by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has discovered a set of chemical reactions involving magnesium that degrades battery performance before the battery can be fully charged.

  • Better Battery Materials, Fresh from the Microwave Oven

    A new process for fast and cost-effective production of a promising cathode material involves a novel heating solution -- the microwave oven.

  • Sulfur is the Key to Safe Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

    A team of Penn State engineers has developed a different type of lithium-sulfur battery that could be more efficient, less expensive and safer than today’s lithium batteries.

  • New USB Type-C Battery Pack for Portable Devices Released

    Silicon Labs has introduced a comprehensive reference design to simplify the development of USB Type-C™ rechargeable lithium ion battery packs used to power smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones and other portable devices.

  • New Microcontroller Has Dual CPU Cores and Supports Power by USB and Lithium Batteries

    Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the FireBeetle ESP32 IoT Microcontroller from DFRobot.

  • Dyson to Build Electric Cars Based on Solid State Batteries

    The company plans to launch its EV series in 2020.

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