• Altera Launches Next-Gen FPGAs

    Altera has been shipping Max 10 line of FPGAs to customers via an early access program and has now announced general availability. Arria 10 mid-range devices are due to follow soon.

  • Intel Says Mitsubishi Deal Saved $9 Million

    Partnership set to establish next-generation factory automation equipment along with a pilot program to demonstrate the benefits of IoT in a factory setting.

  • Microchip Adds to Automotive IC Portfolio

    Firm rolls two new 3-phase brushless DC motor gate drivers designed to provide a complete motor control and drive package for vehicles and industrial applications.

  • SanDisk Unveils First X3 SSD

    X300 solid-state drive features error-correction to increase reliability and SanDisk’s SSD Dashboard, which gives visibility into the drive’s performance, security and available firmware updates.


  • Critical Technology Trends

    The “cloud” has created unprecedented opportunities. But with so many new technologies, security concerns and supply chain uncertainty, where should you focus your resources for the next 10–20 years? The Technology experts at IHS discuss this and other trends in our latest white paper.

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Inside the Electronics Inside the Tesla Model S
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In this Electronics360 webinar, IHS Teardown experts reveal key findings from inside the Tesla 2013 Model S and its electronic components. Tesla, the storied independent manufacturer of electric cars and electric powertrain components, is an industry disrupter constantly in the headlines—thanks to brash and bold maneuvers in the spheres of design, technology, energy and IP. Attendees will sharpen their competitive edge by understanding Tesla piece by piece from the perspective of an IHS Teardown expert.
Andrew Rassweiler
Senior Director, Materials & Cost Benchmarking
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Supply Chain Supply Chain

  • Cadence CTO Rowen Forecasts Processor Design Split

    Mammals, insects, data, energy and diversity were the topics of a high-level discussion about the future of system-on-chip processor architectures and design provided recently by Cadence Fellow Chris Rowen.

Teardowns Teardowns

  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Apple iPhone 6

    Despite a price tag that is $100 higher, the iPhone 6 Plus costs only about $16 more to make than the standard iPhone 6, according to a teardown analysis by IHS Technology.
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